CCW Information


Area’s Served

We serve the Greater Baton Rouge area.


Class Fees

$100 per student for new students and renewal students.


What to Bring

✓ Firearm
✓ Minimum of 36 rounds of ammunition
✓ Sun screen
✓ Comfortable shoes
✓ Readiness to learn

Class Information

Louisiana State Compliant Concealed Carry Class
Minimum 8-9 hour class

Required training material:
✓ One hour of instruction on handgun nomenclature and safe handling procedures of a revolver and semi-automatic pistol
✓ One hour of instruction on ammunition knowledge and fundamentals of pistol shooting
✓ Three hours of instruction on the use of deadly force and conflict resolution which will include a review of R.S. 14:18 through 14:22 and which may include a review of any other laws relating to the use of deadly force
✓ One hour of instruction on handgun shooting positions; e. One hour of instruction on child access prevention
✓ Two hours of actual live range fire and proper handgun cleaning procedures are required as listed below:
✓ Live range fire shall include 12 rounds each at 6 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet for a total of 36 rounds
✓ Each applicant or permittee must perform at least one safe reload of the handgun a teach distance
✓ Each applicant or permittee must score 100% hits within the silhouette portion of a NRA B-27 Type silhouette target with at least 36 rounds

Basic Pistol Fundamentals class
Minimum 6-8 hour class

Fundamentals taught
* Stance
* Grip
* Draw/Presentation
* Sight picture
* Sight alignment
* Trigger control
* Breathing
* Follow through

This class is for the beginner or the shooter that needs to realign themselves with the basics of pistol shooting. This class is a basic level shooting course. It is designed to introduce the shooter to what is required to become familiar with their pistol/revolver and how to use it.

✓ Firearm – pistol or revolver (one can be provided if necessary)
✓ 3 boxes of 50 count ammunition (ammunition is not provided. If a firearm is to be provided please bring 9 mm quality target ammunition)
✓ Holster and quality belt if desired
✓ Comfortable clothing and footwear
✓ The cost of this course is $100. A completion of this course will afford you a discount on our concealed carry course.


Q. How long is the class?
A. The course is planned for an 8 hour day. Generally it is 4 hours of classroom and then an afternoon of shooting.

Q. How much is the class?
A. The course is priced at $100 per student.

Q. Where is the class held?
A. Currently the class is held at:
City of Plaquemine – Central Fire Station
58165 Meriam St.
Plaquemine,LA 70764

Q. What time does the class start?
A. Class starts promptly at 8 am on class days.

Q. What days are classes held?
A. The primary instructor is employed full time with the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office and therefore classes area usually scheduled for every other Saturday and Sunday that the instructor is off.

Q. Can a firearm be provided if I do not have one?
A. Yes. Although we do not currently provide ammunition. If a firearm is to be provided then please purchase a box of quality 9mm ammunition to bring to class